Flutterby!… and other saccharin stuff

A little necklace made for the birthday of a friend… a friend who is full enough of joy and sparkle and beauty to pull off this sort of sweetness.  So relieved to find a use for the butterfly iron-ons that they sell at Floriligeum to which I am much addicted.

You gotta a pretty damn happy or sardonic person to pull off this look

And some earrings to match…

I swear I made two earrings.

And here are some earrings I made for my grandmother for her birthday… those gorgeous green beads are from the genius that is urban arts and crafts.  Wish I would have bought all of these beads… I love the look of tear drops but can’t figure out how to wire wrap them without it looking like a preschool art project… but these genius beads are drilled top to bottom instead of side to side… brilliant.

more sweetness


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