Checking in and checking out!

Today is the last day of vacation for me. I am sad to see it over, but glad to get rid of the nagging feeling that missing work always gives me. I can never fully believe that everything hasn’t gone south since I have been gone – i.e. everybody figures out I am not needed and really am more of a hindrance than a help. The first day back generally reassures me that everything is going to be ok.

While on the road, I was thinking I needed to take my month without television. And I thought of going a bigger step forward and doing a month without television or any “new media” – facebook or blogging – to remind myself of what life was like without them. Right now I am a little afraid of the silence – which probably means I need to face the silence. I am not sure I an make it, but I am going to try. So, this will be it for 28 days (8/26). Like work, please don’t forget about me while I am gone…
And I will be back with a vengeance… letting you know how checking out affected me – and hopefully I will be back and able to face silence.

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