Single Dads!

Single dads – I love them. I don’t think the popular culture and what not paints a very good picture of single dads (well, or of anybody, really), but I love them. When I was dating I took a chance by dating a single dad – a chance that I was loathe to take until I met DH. And more than once I have seen people stifle looks of dismay/judginess when I told them my boyfriend/fiance was divorced with kids. I mean all that baggage, right?

There are single dads – gems who disengage to leave the current girlfriend who he left his wife for to take care of his kids – and then there are real single dads. Dads who take kids on for days, weeks, months, years in a row without help. The sacrifice we find laudable in single moms is the same sacrifice of those with xy chromosomes. My husband blew me away when we were dating and I saw him take care of his kids – he was so gentle, loving, fiercely protective, endlessly patient. He judges every move he makes based on how it will affect his kids. That is love. He didn’t want to be a single dad – but he dove right in and swam because he had to. He was keeping two 18-month old kids on his own in a walk-up studio apartment on the Plaza… and years later he continues to be a primary caregiver for them – from cooking to math homework to matching little girly socks in the laundry. I cheer him on, but he is running the circus.
And so I fell in love with a single dad… and along with that gained a new appreciation for what that means. Many women fall in love with a man because they know he will be a good dad. I fell in love with mine because he is a good dad.
If you want to fall in love with a single dad, well you can’t have DH, he isn’t single any more… but check these fellas out:
Frank in Then She Found Me…. I love, love, love this movie. Helen Hunt is dazzling and Colin Firth is the fictional character most like my husband I have ever seen. The stress and joy and sheer panic he experiences at being the lone caregiver is so beautifully acted by Colin. Plus, of course, Colin Firth is so frickin’ sexy even when he is wearing platform heels and singing ABBA songs.
Louie C.K. in Louie. OMFG. LOVE this show. It is *very* for mature audiences. But he is hilarious. And touching. And controversial. And obviously such a good single dad. Please, universe, let this show run a long, long time.

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