12.2 Miles!

I didn’t hit my mileage goal last week. I didn’t start stong, had a spike, and then petered out. I am back on the wagon and am on track to do more than 17 miles this week to help make up for the difference.

Here is what I did:

mile 0-1.2 – Walked with my friend at work.
mile 1.2 – 4.2 – walked in the *rain* with DH. He is such a good sport. We ended up taking a windy route for a change of scenery and I was afraid it would be less than 3 miles… but it was 2.99 miles according to MapMyRun.com – close enough to 3 for me.
mile 4.2-7.8 – This was a cool walk… we walked at sunset the day after the 4th, so we got to see all of the awesome amateur fireworks displays. It was very cool. I wish every walk could include fireworks.
mile 7.8 – 9 – Waled at work.
mile 9 – 11 – DH met me at Macken and we did 2 miles. I got super exhausted for some reason – maybe the stress of working lots during the weekend and then the unrelenting work week itself. Giving up on that third mile was the beginning of the end.
mile 11 – 12.2 – Walked at work. And then had every intention to walk after work, but didn’t.


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