Craft 23/28 – Summer Blues 2!

Me buying new fabric is about as wasteful as driving a Hummer to the next-door neighbors. My mom and I quilted a lot in the late 90s/early 00s before I got into knitting… and then jewelry making… well, anyway, I have A LOT of fabric. The problem is that all of my fabric is from the late 90s/early 00s. Back then there were two styles for fabric at quilt/sewing stores – shabby chic or “rustic” which looked like fabrics used by pioneers with bad taste. So I have a lot of shabby chic type fabrics – faint or petite florals in dusty roses, blues, greens, and yellows.

I mean, it is fine fabric and should serve me well, but I was drooling over the supercute mod fabrics that the other women had at craft circle. (That they got at WalMart! In my day, sonny, we had to travel far to several quilt shops to find even the hint of cute patterned fabric – it was all brown plaids as far as the eye could see.)
But, it should be against the law for me to buy new fabric… so I fought the urge to go buy a pack of cute mod fabric. Luckily the flip flops craft really is the perfect craft, because the strips of the fabric are little enough it creates a not-too antiquated pattern out of the antiquated fabric. The result:

On this pair I followed my friend M’s advice and really sewed down the strips of fabrics with lots and lots and lots of messy seams.

That really added a punch of detail that made them look even cuter. I also washed the fabric before between sewing the strips and putting on the shoes because that scrunched and frayed the fabric which adds to the messy pretty look of the shoes.

I have enough not-quite-vintage fabric to make 3,987 pairs of flip flops. I am hoping shabby chic will come back into style so my Moda fabrics (copyright 1999 I read on the selvage of one of them today) will go for a pretty penny on E-bay and I can take a trip to a fabric store and buy my weight in Amy Butler fabrics… now those would be cute flip flops!!

3 thoughts on “Craft 23/28 – Summer Blues 2!

  1. Ohh hubba, hubba. Eden and I can't wear those inexpensive plastic flip flops because that hard plastic in-between the toe thing is killer. We're flip-flop wusses. But now…maybe we are not! I gotta try it…

  2. I forgot to mention that… it really makes the flip flops MUCH more comfortable… and you could even put a bit of quilt batting on the toe thing to make it even more comfortable.

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