Do you get the daily e-mail from Etsy? I do. I used to love, love, love, love it.

But then they had so many girls in bikinis and corsets I stopped opening it at work. I was fine sneaking a peek at crocheted scarves at work… string bikinis are another thing.
Plus, seriously, don’t size 2 women with enough money to spend $600 on one dress have *enough* outlets without taking over my etsy e-mail? I mean, seriously. I know one, maybe two, size two girls and they both seem to have plenty to wear.
So with trepidation I opened my etsy e-mail yesterday… and INSPIRATION….
(There were also lots of expensive size 2 dresses… I mean, I understand fashion is awesome and everything… but does Anna Wintour have to own so much of the creative world??)
Another source of inspiration for me is the Ampersand Design Blog... I think it is run by a friend of a friend… but almost everyday there is some delicious, free, inspirational eye candy.
And so the sludge that has been trapping the wee bit of creativity I have has been slowly draining (pretty metaphor!)… and I am now inspired to create new jewelry for my uniform.
Today is a pretty inspirational day, anyway… lunch with a friend and a protofriend at FUDbooms and blooms with DH… and I have been inspired to create something to go with both of those.

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