Jumping off the hedonic treadmill: My porch!

There isn’t much better than a covered porch. It allows for sitting outside in lots of weather conditions… and is a very genteel view onto the world. I am trying to sit out there more this summer – It is hard to do anything but relax when sitting on the porch. There is no TV, for starters. There are the sounds of birds. And pretty flowers to look at. Very meditative – and a great way for me to destress unless I let my mind wander to all of the things that we need to do to improve the house and yard – but I fight that compulsion. Getting up early in the morning before the lawnmowers have started buzzing and the dogs have started barking and sitting on the porch watching the globe slowly spin is really great – waaaay better than sleeping in. If only sleeping in would quit tricking me…


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