Green Girls!

Last Saturday night DH and I went to the Liberty Arts Squared festival. We got there an hour before closing, so a lot of places were winding down for the day, but we were able to make a quick perusal of the artists’ works.

A lot of it is the sort of stuff that showed a lot of skill but was boring to me. There was a young woman, Katy Jackson, who had some modern, abstract stuff with lots of happy colors. My favorite was a stylized profile of a young girl with green hair. DH bought it for me – and it was the first piece the woman had ever sold – so that was cool.

Other artists who had really great stuff, in my estimation, were Holly Schenk and Ashley Corbello. Unfortunately, paintings by Holly were out of my price range. But I did pick up this print of a painting called “Bjork” by Ashley Corbello. I think she is just adorable.

3 thoughts on “Green Girls!

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