Hot Day, No Money!

It is hot. I mean, we deserve it… complaining about the cold and the rain for so long… well, here is June.

The downstairs of my house is like a cave. We have A LOT of trees in our yard, so by the time they are fully leafed out, very little light makes it to the first floor of our house. Combine that with a rock basement and air conditioning and the first floor is as cool and as cheery as a cave.
Without a lot of money, and trying not to work, no friends to play with, and DH off giving a rock tumbling workshop (no, that isn’t something dirty), I feel like a kid out of school bored with summer.
I tried to garden a bit, but it is too hot out there. I trimmed the rose bushes and then retreated to my cave.
I now have made it to the upstairs of my house… which is full of sun, but also is hot. Sigh. So here I sit with the fan blowing directly on me blogging until I can think of something better to do.

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