Andrea Zittel was featured on an episode of Art:21 I was watching this weekend. And I was intrigued…

First, I am a reforming stuff lover. I am the daughter of a stuff lover, two stuff lovers if you count my mom’s love of dishes, and am married to a stuff lover (particularly books and DVDs). But I have too much stuff…

Andrea Zittel does art that are “experiments” in how we live – that questions our assumptions about how we need to consume in this world. She has built a floating self-contained living unit, and she wears the same dress everyday.

She is no bigger than a minute and can wear a crocheted ankle-length dress and look adorable – I would look and smell like the creature from the yarn lagoon that ate all the other creatures… and so I rolled my eyes a bit… but then she said something like: that which makes us think we are free actually constrains us. Uh, YES!

Clothes really are that for me. I have always hated clothes because it is hard to find clothes that “work” for me. I am heavy set, top heavy, and have a short waist – like 2.2 mm so it is hard for me not to look like a fat, white, female Urkel. I don’t enjoy clothes shopping and I don’t enjoy picking out the perfect outfit.

Despite that I have bought into the fact that I need to have a variety of clothes and accessorize them well. Which leads to shopping and getting ready complexity. Plus I do think it is gross to wear dirty clothes – I am generally a wear once and then wash person. I assume Andrea Zittel doesn’t have sweat glands.

So I am going to try my own little living experiment this month. Every weekday I am going to wear the same “uniform” – a black t-shirt (I have lots of different styles), jeans or khakis, my faux diamond earrings, and my citrine-and-diamond necklace, my super comfortable Keen tennies.

I don’t care if people think I am weird or dress in a boring manner, because life will be much simpler.


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