Seriously. I mean frickin’ SERIOUSLY!!! I just….. grrrr.

Ok, so I am about to screed my butt off. Feel free to switch channels.
1. I feel so sad and powerless about this oil spill. It is just such a mess… literally. I feel sad that I don’t have substantial time or money to give to help. What an f’ing disaster. But really got me so grrrrrr about it was when the leak was just a couple days old I was listening to NPR and in between segments about the environmental disaster they did one of their quips before the 1/2 hour and it was about how a method for preparing a very spiky (or something like that) fish for sushi was just invented. And I was like SERIOUSLY!!! I am not really a fan of eating fish even before being a vegetarian… so I can’t rhapsodize about how great sushi is… but SERIOUSLY!! Do we need to be bragging about how we can make the ocean and all its inhabitants our bitch while oil is gushing in? Do we need another way to consume fish… we can’t leave any of them alone??? It just…. aaaaaa!!! My friend J says that she has always had a particular problem with eating things from the ocean because there is something offputting about invading a wild environment and stealing. I can see that… especially after…
2. Watching The Cove. As I have mentioned on here recently, I am a huge fan of Ellen. She is a vegan and an animal lover and she does lots of good things in that arena and she is truly hilarious. (I sometimes get caught in an enigma – because her show is a bastion of promoting pointless consumerism which fuels the usage of fossil fuels which affects the environment and this week she did a spot for Skinny Ice Cream, from which I can tell doesn’t even source organic/cruelty-free dairy… but moving on…) I am watching all of the videos that are Ellen’s “favorites” and I watched The Cove on my new Tivo box (what was I saying about consumerism? I forget.) and SERIOUSLY!! I don’t know who the f we think we are… but that AIN’T COOL! We have no right… NO RIGHT… to f with dolphins and whales. The earth was not created so that we could destroy everything… ESPECIALLY animals who have communities and a language and brains comparable to ours. The slaughter and torture of dolphins is the most horrific thing I have ever seen. Ever. But even more subtly horrible is that we are poisoning all dolphins with mercury levels. They are at the top of the food chain like us and their mercury levels reflect it.
It is an amazing, thrilling, beautiful, horrific documentary. And it will be with me for the rest of my life.
One more thing, if you eat tuna, please make sure you understand the effect that has on dolphins. And make sure you try to understand that dolphins have been here longer than us, are truly intelligent, and we have NO RIGHT to torture and kill them. If we can justify eating meat because the animals are dumber than us and their pain is instantaneous, fine, I don’t agree, but fine. But none of those arguments hold up for dolphins… because they have families and intelligence and they understand when they are separated from their father or mother or baby or friend and then watch them die.
Oh, and dolphins have saved human lives over and over and over again. Saved us from sharks! I have become obsessed with dolphins… and every documentary I have watched about it has a surfer or free diver or swimmer telling the story about how a dolphin saved his or her life. We have NO RIGHT to do anything that will cause them harm. This isn’t OUR planet to crap all over. It just isn’t.
3. Seriously… just seriously… you only need to watch 10 seconds of this to see why this is horrible. I can’t watch all of it… I just can’t… I think we all need to understand that our dietary habits cause horrible conditions which make normal people do horrible things to cope with the horror. And if you don’t want to stop eating cows… then maybe do your bit to encourage the consumption of cruelty-free meat.
I dunno…. I’ll shut up now.

4 thoughts on “AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  1. I know it's pretty cold comfort, but the man in that video, Billy Joe Gregg Jr., was fired and arrested for animal cruelty on the 27th.LA Times LinkI'm trying to transition into vegan eating, but as my youth was spent on a farm, I don't know if I'll ever be able to give up animal products completely. With that said, though, there is no excuse for treating livestock in this manner and videos like this are why I have trouble taking "the plight of the American farmer" seriously. We NEVER treated our livestock like this. Ever.

  2. I can't watch it. I'm not strong enough. I'm a meat eater and I've never felt bad about it. But Ginger, I promise you right now, I will never buy or eat another can of tuna as long as I live.So if it matters, you made one person wake up.Lisa

  3. Thanks for the comments :)… And you made my year, Lisa. One of the reasons I can post my crazy rants is because I have great friends who still will like me. That means so much!

  4. I'm late to the conversation (still trying to modulate my emotion on this subject) but did want to suggest watching The End of the Line ( It is one of the best films I have watched on the fragility of our oceans. How anyone could eat from the ocean after watching this film is beyond me!

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