I have not been successful in posting updates here, but I still am tracking my yearly goals… I still need to post all the crafts I have completed, because I want a record of all of those, but for everything else, a summary of where I am at point 5.5 for the year.

I got a “D” for the fourth month, which makes the pattern D A D A in my spreadsheet. This month I am doing well, so it should be ADADA.

148.05 miles completed – 22% for the year.
5 exercise classes – 9% for the year
3 lbs lost – 5% for the year
24 sweets eaten – 43% for the year
14 books completed – 25% for the year
16 crafts completed – 57% for the year
3 classes taken – 23% for the year
10 cultural/natural events – 77% for the year
104 blog entries – 28% for the year
Craft empire organized – 100%!

Some notes on each:

1. Miles completed – Although the percentage looks bad, I still am proud of myself for getting as many miles done as I have and am ready to step it up… each week I am shooting to get 20 miles done, and I haven’t hit that yet, but striving for it has increased my average of miles/week.

2. Exercise classes – This result is both embarassing and weird. I used to be a 3 class/week girl no matter what. A couple things have happened… my job started involving people a lot more and so group exercise classes were taxing on an emotional (personality?) level. I am an introvert, and I reenergize by being alone, group exercise classes was too much togetherness. And then I have been rubbish about doing workouts outside of my miles that I could count as “classes” – like yoga, strength training, etc. My plan of attack on this one is to schedule yoga once per week and keep the appointment and start going to Zumba. There now is a class that is kick butt for my schedule. Once I can prove to myself that I can stick to a food plan in order to lose 20 lbs, I am going to start up classes with Mandy again. But I feel like I owe that level of commitment before I commit any more.

3. Weight lost – 3 lbs. I don’t lose weight because I eat too much. I don’t want to jinx it, but I am more often than not tracking my calories on a daily basis. 2 steps forward, 1.9 steps back back is still .1 steps forward.

4. Sweets – I have eaten too many, but not as many as I would have eaten if I don’t make myself count each one.

5. Books – there is a theme emerging. I am no where near on pace for my yearly goal… BUT I have ready way more books than I would have read if I wasn’t working toward a goal. I am darn proud of 14 books. And if I get organized enough to get books on CD from the library, that number will increase.

6. Crafts – I expected this one to be easy, and it is… I just seem to get crafts done… probably because I love it so.

7. Enriching classes – This one has been hard to do because of scheduling. The classes I want to take never seem to coincide with when I can take them. I am now part of an awesome craft circle and am counting each one of those sessions as a class… so I should be able to hit this goal handily.

8. Events – When this year started I was counting cultural events, but it seemed weird to not count excursions to places of nature awesomeness, so I updated the count to include our trip to Muir Woods and Pt. Reyes National Park. That sort of experience has the same opening effect on me as cultural events. So basically I am rocking this goal.

9. Blog entries – So much to write about, so little time… as you can see, I am catching up.

10. Craft empire – still done and still awesome!!


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