Craft 16/28 and Class 3/13 – Tiered Cupcake Stand!

My superstellar friend M had the guhreat idea of a monthly craft circle. I love the premise because I feel like I never have enough time for friends or crafts… and this combined the two. (Add a three-mile walk before and a yoga class afterward and I would have the ultimate afternoon.)

I offerred to host the first one. The host provides the venue, snacks, and the craft idea. I love to have people over to my house and used to do it ALL the time. Now not nearly as much as I want to. (DH is a trooper because having people over requires him enduring an extralevel of grumpiness from me and a lot of heavy lifting. We worked hard to get the house and yard in order.)

We made cupcake stands based on the idea from here. These are harder than they look. Finding candlesticks that are hollow in the middle is a challenge. Buying cute pulls from Anthropologie is risky because the threaded rods don’t always come out. And drilling plastic plates means cracking them sometimes. But I must say it was totally worth it.

As a craft circle activity, it is really *active*. We used drills, bolt cutters, spray paint, and brute force. We had A LOT of fun… and here are the awesome results – mine is the one with the green knob on top – I gave it to my mom for Mom’s day:

I count this towards a craft and a class goal, because I definitely learned me some skills. And now I have bolt cutters if I need them. Woot.


3 thoughts on “Craft 16/28 and Class 3/13 – Tiered Cupcake Stand!

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