Craft 15/28 – May Day Earrings!

I love May Day. A long time ago when I lived in my first apartment, my dad left flowers on my stoop as a surprise. I had no idea that was a tradition of May Day, but ever since I learned that, I have loved the holiday.

I have actually never passed that tradition on by leaving my own flowers for friends and family. I have always wanted to, but life has always been too busy for me to have the time/energy to do it.

And this year was no different. Executing the same plan as Valentine’s Day last year was my goal. And I didn’t do it. May Day was busy for us… we had a breakfast brunch with DH’s family and lots of gardening to get done in preparation for craft circle. Despite the disappointment of not sharing surprise May Day packages and not having much time to enjoy the spirit of May Day, it still felt like a special day because a lot of the flowers in our garden were starting to emerge.

And I did find time to make these May Day bouquet earrings:

Next year will be my year!


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