San Francisco – The Rest of The Trip

1. Chinatown and beads and beads and beads in Chinatown.

2. Millennium restaurant is the best ever. It was so amazingly delicious. They really know what to do with vegetables. Num.

3. Also Herbivore was great… and there are multiple locations. I hope the denizens appreciate all of their vegan options. When I randomly get handed my fortune, the first thing I am going to do is find a real estate agent to find me the poshest house I can get in SF that is within walking distance of an Herbivore.

4. Pt. Reyes National Park was a great recommendation from a friend. It was absolutely beautiful.

these damn yellow flowers were everywhere… annoying:

this is how William spends a lot of time on hikes… he takes bazillions of pictures:

I tried to capture how truly BIG the waves were… and totally failed.. I cannot believe how tiny they look in this picture… they were REALLY BIG (hopefully caps lock will convey that):

5. SFMOMA had really great pieces of artwork… but 99% were too depressing for me. But there was this happy piece:

6. The de Young Museum is not to be missed. Lots of happy pieces, an Amish quilt exhibit, and pieces by Diebenkorn and Kiki Smith, artists mentioned on Gilmore Girls. 😉

7. We walked to the City Lights bookstore… which had a cool path along the way. The bookstore was cool, but the staff was detached and rude… which was a disappointment for us, for sure. We felt like complete idiots for being so excited to see this iconic bookstore… they really WERE NOT excited to see us. Young, mean, disenchanted hipsters become old, mean, disenchanted hipsters, I guess. In a weird coincidence though, within one day of being back in town I saw a truck with a City Lights bookstore bumper sticker.

8. The craft museum is teeny tiny. They had a display of African-printed fabrics, which was interesting, but I imagined this sprawling place full of knitting and quilting and all that… not one tiny room.

Some of the printed fabrics. (One of the fabrics was meant to raise awareness of combatting the guinea worm, and it had the phrase “tous contre le ver” printed on it. Which DH repeated many times and it always cracked me up. You probably had to be there.)

The gift shop did have these adorable amigurumi sculptures… too cute for words.

9. Saw Greenberg. No, really, we did. And in the spirit of the movie, I wrote an impassioned e-mail to the bookstore. No, really, I did. I am too paranoid to post it here, but I’ll read it to you on a request-by-request basis.


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