Best. Nerd. Night. EVER!

I have been on *a lot* of tours of aquariums. The morula that became me in fact went as a passenger on a tour of the Steinhart Aquarium about 36 years and 9 months and 1 week ago. Since that first tour, I have been on at least a dozen very cool behind-the-scenes tours of aquariums all over the country, thanks to my father’s status as a successful water chemist.

So last night felt sort of like a full circle. It worked out that we landed in San Francisco the same night as Yuri’s Night at Nightlife at the California Academy of Sciences. And it was awesome.

We bought VIP tour tickets. DH deftly maneuvered the streets of SF and we arrived at the CAS to begin the best nerd night ever.

We were whisked upstairs to the “Living Roof” for an open bar. From there our behind-the-scenes tour started. We got a private tour of the vault of gems and minerals. This made my husband very happy, being a committed amateur geologist. We got to walk on private walkways and see the albino alligator and coral reef and pesky non-VIPs from up on high. It was surreal and awesome.

We were released from our VIP tour and allowed to roam in the aquarium and museum. It is just beautiful and amazing, and even if you aren’t a huge nerd, you must come to the CAS if you come to SF. It is wonderful. The Nightlife thing is a little surreal because you see people at a science museum you don’t normally see – i.e. drunk homies and bitty girls in even bittier dresses teetering on stillettos. Surreal.

There was DJ pumping house music, wandering robots, drinking, and all the wonderfulness of the museum and aquarium… and here are some pictures:

From below the rainforest floor:

Lake Malawi cichlids – this picture is for my dad:

Supercool sea nettles:

Stuff from the geological vault:

Who da happy nerds? WE ARE!!

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