Craft Empire – DONE!

The progress of the craft empire improvements have been serialized here, here, here, and here….

And I have just organized the last of my digital photos… and it is done!!!

I am very happy and proud of the results. I have made some final tweaks to make the aesthetic as pleasing to me as possible. And I have gone slow and steady in the organizing, so there literally is a place for every jump ring.

The next step is maintenance… which can be even harder than organizing. But I have worked so hard to get organized, I am very motivated to keep it that way.

I do have a few other things I would like to do: a prettier chair, a dog bed for Annie that fits with the theme… and something else for the upper right corner by the daisy clock… but none of that stuff was on the original list, so letting it sit for now.

Some final shots…. click on them to see them really big.

The big picture:

Above my desk… I reframed the tea party print with a frame and matting from American Frame which was recommended by a friend… some self assembly required… but professional looking, yet cheap.

My idea/inspiration/memory board… Did you ever see the movie The Women? Meg Ryan’s inspiration board was slammin’… I want that, but she is rich and thin… this is the inspiration board of middle class and chubby with limited space. 😉

Stickies on the drawers to spice them up… I had no idea how great these things were…. trying not to become addicted:

The little picture… the jump rings. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Craft Empire – DONE!

  1. Oh God, you suck. I'll have to send a pic of mine. And I can't get after it until the play is over…and until DH gets the kids rooms done so I can switch them and get all of stepson's crap OUT of my area. Apparently my craft area is the resting place of all crap DH knows not what to do with…

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