Sweet 15/56 NewmanOs

If there is one day I became addicted to food (which is of course simplistic), it was a day in early, early puberty when school had sucked, my “friend” was “visiting”, and I sat on the couch watching Nickelodeon and eating A LOT of oreos to feel better. And I knew in some small way that those oreos just weren’t oreos. I could have chosen writing or reading or sitting outside, but I chose that. That is one of the moments/days on my list I will go back and change if I get to inhabit my previous self in the science fiction future.

Recently my sweets have been mistakes. Like that ancient bag of oreos from the past, grabbed in a moment of weakness which made me more weak.
Today I ate some planned NewmanOs… which are like oreos but expensive, I guess. And they were good. And I didn’t eat too many.
The planned sweets are the sweetest.

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