Month 4 Plans!

6 sweets… all of that vegan stuff in San Francisco… so built in a buffer

4 books… The Perfect Scent, To The Lighthouse, Privileged, Orlando
5 lbs… My clothes are fitting better, I am feeling stronger, but the scale hasn’t caught up yet.
1 craft empire improvement… I just need to get those digital photos organized
2 crafts
1 class
4 cultural events… I am going to be in SF, time to stock up on culture
4 exercise classes…. I have hit a snag in my plan for a class per week… I am financially strapped and my nerves are a little threadbare which prevents me from enjoying a group class situation, something I used to love. So I met with the fantastic Mandy today, and she gave me some strength workouts I could do on my own… If I complete both sessions of the workouts I am going to count that as one class. I am also going to attend some Zumba, which I can do pretty incognito.
28 blogs
…here I go…

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