Month 3!!

It’s an A. I am so disappointed in myself for not losing weight, for not hitting my goals, but my more rounded goals (pun intended) remind me that I am more than the number on the scale. (Or less since big is a bad number? whatevs.)… So here is where I ended for the month:

26/52 miles
50% month
14% f year
1/4 exercise classes
25% month
7% year
0/5 lbs
0% month
5% year
2/0 sweets
50% month
25% year
7/2 crafts
350% month
43% year
1/1 class
100% month
15% year
1/1 cultural event
100% month
31% year
7/8 craft empire improvements
88% month
96% year
29/28 blog entries
104% month
22% year
2/4 books
50% month
14% year


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