So, I am really frickin’ beyond excited. DH and I are going on a real, actual romantic trip, just the two of us. Outside of our honeymoon (a car trip to Wisconsin), we have either traveled separately or with the kids. We did get to go to St. John – where we got engaged – but it was with some execs from work also – so not completely romantic.

But we are GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO. In 11 days. I am so excited. It is a real trip with a real plane and we are going to stay in a real hotel TOGETHER and I seriously am so excited. A true, romantic, fun vacation for us is a rare thing… so, yay!!!
It is the first time DH will have been to California. I loooooooove California. I went to LA and San Diego with my friend L for my 30 before 30 trip, and I looooooved it. The weather, the scenery, the shininess of it all. I thought San Diego was the most beautiful place on earth… and I heard San Francisco is even prettier. Yay!!!!
Here is our top list of things to do, if you have been to SF and have better ideas, please share… this is what we have picked up from the guidebooks, so I know the list seems a little green…
Millennium restaurant (of course – only like the best vegan restaurant in the, like, world)
Steinhart Aquarium
hiking in the Presidio
Craft museum
Anybody know of cool craft or book stores? Other not-to-be-missed vegan restaurants? Any and all suggestions appreciated!!

One thought on “Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Lengthy list heading your way in the next day…my fave city for a vegan-vaca. 🙂 For sure, add Greens to your list (make a reservation, ask for a waterview table, amazing at lunch) and Kara's at Ghirardelli Square now has vegan cupcakes. I can't wait to hear your take on SF.

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