One of the things on the dwindling list of things to do in the craft empire improvement project was to put some artwork above my work table. I searched high and low for the thing I wanted and landed on a print of a tiny menagerie crashing a tea party.

I love this print because:

1. It is a still live. I loves me some still lifes.
2. It has pretty bright colors.
3. The animals look like the plastic animals that came with my new family… DH and SS have a cacophony of plastic dinosaurs… and so the painting reminds me of how SD, SS, and DH have added life to my, well, life. Ahhhhh.

So I ordered the print because of all those reasons and because I got the impression that it would be easy to frame because the listing used the phrase. So, what does easy to frame mean?

Going to any chain store, buying a frame, sticking picture in frame, and bugging DH until he hung it for me.

Yea, not so much. Neither the picture or the surrounding white space are a standard size. I should have known this. Easy framing is a myth.

I have a couple options at this point… the easy but expensive option is to hand it over along with an unreasonably large pile of cash to the nice people at and wait until July to pick up framed picture.

Or frame it myself. Booooo!!! My impatience and lack of cash flow led me there. And this ended up being one of the most wearying improvements to the empire. It required math and a t-square. And now I have had enough of both of those for many lifetimes. I ended up framing it off center and using grommets and ribbon to fancify. (Because what doesn’t look better with grommets and ribbon? NOTHING! is the answer you are looking for.)

I am pleased-ish with the results.


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