The craft empire suffered its first loss this weekend. With most major organization projects, something important is lost in the zeal to get organized. And that has happened. I had a baby bootie pattern from a daily knitting calendar that my friend W gave me a couple years ago. It was called blue suede bootie. The picture on the pattern had it done up in a blue suedish cotton with a black ribbon, but the beauty of the bootie was that you could use different yarns and different ribbons and make it for a girly baby or a boy-y baby. And the pattern was easy to read, fun to do, and quick.

It wasn’t my favorite bootie pattern, it was my favorite pattern. Period.

And now it is gone. GONE!

There are two people at work who are having baby boys and I was going to knit up four booties super quick to give to them. Plus scan the pattern for my friend L who came over last night to brush up on her knitting skills.

I searched high and low, and never ever found the pattern. Why didn’t I ever photocopy, transcribe, or scan the pattern? I don’t know. That pattern made it to Colorado, Hermann, Paris, and back to KC without problem. But now it is gone. Lesson learned.

Luckily I have another bootie pattern that isn’t bad that I am creating the booties with… but it isn’t the same.

Lesson frickin’ learned, universe, lesson learned.

Here is a link to a now in memoriam blog entry about booties created using the pattern.


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