Getting There!

This is one of my down periods. I have some things going on in some personal relationships that worry me and make me sad. And money is tight, uncomfortably tight right now. I know all of these things will get resolved through patience, kindness, persistence… but right now they catch me several times a day and make me sad. I have gotten past the random crying jags (yay!), but I still don’t feel like I am at my best.
And I want to be at my best so that I can move forward in life.
Here is what I *want* to do… get a bottle of coconut rum, several cases of diet coke, bags of wavy lays, bags of starburst jelly beans, two dozen bad movies, and get into bed between now and Monday morning.
Sure, Monday morning would suck, I would be even more unhappy with myself, that much further from hitting my goals, but it is still what I want to do. Why is that? Why is what I want to do and what I want for myself so different?
I don’t know.
I do know that the universe has been pointing me to several different tools to help me figure this out. Reminders to enjoy the process and find my motivation are themes on Mandy’s blog. And yesterday I took a class on identifying root cause. So, I embark on using all three of these to help keep me on track to meeting my goals when I am sad, stressed, and tired.


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