Cultural Event 3/13 – Grey Gardens!

Last night was fanTABulous!

1. I wore something other than jeans!
2. I had a grown-up drink on the heated patio of Cafe Trio overlooking the plaza. It was da bomb.
3. Saw a great play. Sort of pointless to reccomend it now because it was the last weekend. I saw the Grey Gardens movie on HBO, which was good, but this play had A LOT more humor… very rarely do I guffaw out loud at a play, but this one was great. The woman who played little Edie in later years was HILARIOUS. But the play also had a good amount of sadness and loss documented also. Just good good.
4. Speaking of good, had a long good chat with my friend L who is definitely good people. And hilarious. And she has good insight and knows what it is like to work for a living every gd day. Can’t ask for more in a friend.
5. Saw characters – both in the play and not in the play… from the man with the floor-length fur coat and stellar brooch-style earrings to the older man who sat in front of me who muttered to his wife about all the weirdos. AND the lead in the play is the voice of Garmin Navigation Systems. So many good reasons to get out of Liberty.
A wonderful night… and I hit my cultural event goal for the month. Woot.

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