Defunkation Progress

Oh yea, I have been super defunkationing…

1. Last night I went to a movie by myself.
2. This morning I went to the gym at 7am… on a Saturday… and completed step 1, workout 1, week 1 of the couch to 5 K program…. it was pretty awesome. I completed 1.75 miles.
3. This morning I had a facial with a head and neck massage. It was great… I was left with a killer headache afterwards, but I think it is sort of like the tension just trying to get out of me. The lovely woman kept commenting on how tense I was. She kept saying “Relax, hon, relax.” I’M TRYING. But my skin is now super soft and nearly poreless and my shoulders aren’t up by my ears.
4. I bought new yoga pants. Why are new yoga pants so awesome?????
I slowly feel my equilibrium being restored. Tonight is drinks and a play with L, tomorrow another workout and a relaxation class.

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