Week 5 and 6 – B!

I didn’t blog last weekend about Week 5, so combining its report with week 6. Overall, I am sitting at a B for the month…
Miles completed – 19
Execrcise classes – 1
Lbs – 1
Sweets – 2
Books – 2 – Free-range knitter by Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Fortune’s Rocks by Anita Shreve. Completing Fortune’s Rocks is bittersweet – I was glad to finish one of her books that has what I consider to be a truly “happy” ending; however, there are not more books on cd by Anita Shreve available to me at the library. Sadness.
Crafts – 2 – I made some earrings for S for her birthday and a necklace for my mom.
Classes – 0
Cultural Events – 0
Improvements to the empire – 2
Blogs – 9
A lot to do in the last two weeks of this month. I really, really want the weather to warm up so I can walk outside more…. sooooo weary of the gym!


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