A perfect walk!

On Saturday, several elements merged to make for a perfect walk…

1. Craig Ferguson. My husband and I, being somewhat late to the party have recently discovered the hilarity that is Craig Ferguson. We watch his show pretty regularly now. I downloaded his autobiography read aloud by him from iTunes, finally coming to grips with the fact that the library doesn’t have the audio version. It is really funny and good and was a pleasure to listen to on my walk, not only because I find the words “boobies” and “farty” pretty dern funny.

2. Pretty scenery. I am a fan of the blog Three Woofs and a Woo. I covet her life much – border collies and gorgeous scenery and time to play and walk with them. So when I decided to go on a walk, I drove a little bit out of my way to find a forested place with lots of trees and quiet to imitate to a small degree her walks.

3. Solitude. I really really really like solitude. A LOT. I was talking to another only child at work the other day about the qualities of being an only child. And he mentioned how comfortable he was being on his own – remindng myself of something I need to remember about myself – I need time alone. Some people like to be alone but thrive being around other people. I am the opposite. I like to be around other people, but thrive being by myself. And lately I have been reaching my breaking point of togetherness. Between work and social activities I have reached the limit of being able to chat without wanting to crumple on the floor and cry. I need quiet and aloneness, and Saturday’s walk was an hour of complete aloneness – just me and a bobcat who recently left her footprints and complete aloneness. That is the prize awarded to an introvert who is willing to walk in a park in cold February.

4. A GPS. I get lost easily. Luckily I had a GPS that could get me back to my car after I got sufficiently lost on the trail. I really do think that introverts should have better innate senses of directions, as a rule, but alas, alack, that did not work out for me.

5. Hills. So I could enjoy my plodding pace and still get a decent workout hiking up and down the hills.


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