Month 1 2010

A good month!

My overall success rate with my goals is 94%. That is an A in any book… and so to me will be coming a kit from French General, specifically the thimble and thread notion kit so that I can make something cute for my mom for her birthday.
Here are the specifics:
Miles completed – Goal: 52 Result: 37
– 71% for the month
– 5% for the year
– My hurt tailbone was a hindrance for a week and a half, but I came back with a vengeance. I do have to give a shout out to Leslie Sansone who helps me get miles done in the wee hours of the morning without having to go to the gym. I am looking forward to warmer weather when my husband and I can walk outside in the early morning.
Exercise Classes – Goal: 4 Result: 2
-50% for the month
-4% for the year
-Again, I cry hurt tailbone, but that isn’t completely true. I missed the goal of going to my yoga class in the first week of the month and since then (and now) my tailbone hurts too much to do a lot of poses. Luckily Mandy has been fantastically supportive and modifies exercises that might cause problems in her class.
Pounds Lost – Goal: 5 Result: 1.6
– 32% for the month
– 3% for the year
– Most disappointing result for the month. For the middle two weeks I ate too much, so I didn’t lose too much weight. Simple, straightforward explanation. I am back to food logging “like it is my second job”, to quote Mandy, and I am seeing results from that. Baby steps are better than no steps.
Sweets – Goal: 4 Result: 5
-75% for the month
-I figured out how to get a lower percentage when I ate more sweets than budgeted for the month, but the math to figure out how to do that for the year is beyond me so far. This is a funny goal because less is more. But I didn’t do too badly, and am definitely in sweet detox, haven’t eaten a sweet since 1/18. Woot.
Books – Goal: 5 Result: 3
-60% for the month
-5% for the year
-I finished Eating Animals, which was great, but sometimes hard to read emotionally. I am going to step up my count next month by reading some light stuff.
Crafts – Goal: 2 Result: 2
-100% for the month
-7% for the year
-Tiny sweaters and a cute necklace. I love crafts.
Enriching Classes – Goal: 1 Result: 1
-100% for the month
-8% for the year
-And I can make some slammin’ bread
Cultural Events – Goal: 1 Result: 2
-200% for the month
-15% for the year
-This may end up being my easy goal for the year – it may be done early!
Organize Craft Empire – Goal: 5 Result: 8
-160% for the month
-29% for the year
-I am hoping to finish this entire goal in the first quarter of the year so that I can enjoy the empire the rest of the year. It is hard for me to slow down and really organize things well, but I think it will be worth it. I am going to tackle a lot next month and looking forward to the results.
Blogs – Goal: 28 Result:26
-93% for the month
-7% for the year
– I am glad to be back to regular blogging – for whatever reason it seems to make life more THERE when I write about it. I can’t explain how blogging does that, but it does.
Soooo…. goals for next month – the details are a rough plan:
52 miles completed
5 exercise classes taken
4 books read- Knit Two, Fortune’s Rocks, Pretty in Plaid, Resilience
2 crafts completed- My scarf, gloves, hat from christmas yarn, and something cute for my mom for her birthday TBD.
1 class – something crafty probably
1 cultural event – I think I may be seeing Grey Gardens with my friend L at the Unicorn,
10 craft empire improvements – that would leave just 10 more for next month
30 Blogs

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