Improvements to the Empire! (vol. 2)

So yesterday was another mix of organizing the empire while watching Brothers and Sisters. (See day 1 here.) I focused on my scrapbooking supplies this time. It wasn’t as rewarding as my beading stuff, because I don’t do scrapbooking/paper stuff as much, but I did end up with a completely empty drawer that I can fill with something someday. OMG!!

BTW, does anybody know where you can get spacebags locally? I think that will help organize my yarn, but don’t want to mail order them if I don’t have to.

And here are the afters:

1. My-Wrap-Earrings-Or-Send-A-Note-Box. One of the things I want to do this year is send more notes thanking people for being them. I know it is cheesy, but what a cool thing to do, right? Wouldn’t you love to randomly get a note in the mail telling you how great you are? What if it came with a sweet little pair of earrings? Sure, you might be weirded out with that much affection. BUT I DON’T CARE! YOU ARE GETTING THAT NOTE! AND THE EARRINGS! AND YOU WILL LIKE IT!

2. My stamping stuff

3. Boxes of scrapbooking paper, basket o’batting, big ass beer glass of long needles, magnifying glass

4. My scissors, rulers, paper ephemera, ribbon ephemera, tags, paints.

5. My ribbons and buttons.

6. Quote books and boxes for envelopes, stickers, and rub-on transfers.

7. Paperflowers, knitting needles, pencils, pens, wee notebooks

8. My favorite inkpads, ribbon and ribbon overflow, pin cushion, calculator, tin for wee completed/in progress projects, calculator, bead strings that need to be unstrung. My father-in-law has been giving me amazing strings of amazing beads – hundreds of dollars worth of stuff that just seem to appear from where I am not sure. They have old hand-written price tags on them. I don’t ask questions.

9. My empty drawer.

10. One stamp that is too funny to put in a box.


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