Class 1/13 – AMAZING bread in 5 minutes a day!!!

‘K… so I really haven’t tried much with this bread yet, so I don’t want to get too gushy. BUT THIS IS FRICKIN’ AWESOME. I took the class at The Cooking Studio adjacent to Whole Foods, which seems to have sufficiently more vegetarian cooking offerings then the other school in Overland Park.

The class is based on the book pictured above. The basic concept is a dough that you mix up *very* easily, sit on the counter for a couple hours, then put in the fridge, and then you have a basic dough for all sorts of yummy stuff that you pull out of the container, shape, possibly let rise, and bake – and it was sooooo goood. The batch I did at home with the dough we made in class was pretty darn good, and I made some dough yesterday and put it in the fridge…. I will let you know how it goes. If there are spots, I am definitely am going to take the second class in the series for whole grain. YUM!

2 thoughts on “Class 1/13 – AMAZING bread in 5 minutes a day!!!

  1. Hi, Ginger –William's former co-worker here, Liz Craig. I got to your blog via a link on his Facebook page. Love your "goals" thing. And I'm curious about the breadmaking class. I'd like to make some gluten-free bread. Wonder if they have a class on that, and BTW, how much did your class cost?Hope you're doing well. Well, you are. A+, in fact!Oh, please drop by the Kansas Citizens for Science FB page, if you like. I post sciency stuff there. I think William signed on. Also, I have a three other blogs, one on science, one freelance-writing-oriented, and one personal. If you have any interest, they are (and I think Google will get you there):Evolving in KansasLiz Craig, WriterMousieCat BlogBest wishes,Liz

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