Annual Report: Home

Lots of quantifiable progress – I can take credit for only a small part of this – most of the work done by DH:

1. Upstairs bathroom painted and redecorated.
2. KITCHEN ISLAND. The bestest thing of all year. Do not know how we used that kitchen before we had the kitchen island.
3. Fire damage in upstairs bedroom completely fixed.
4. Craft area improved.
5. Front garden made purty.
6. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of weed trees and brush cleared from the backyard..
7. Cellar door fixed in backyard.
8. New backyard shed.
9. My closet reorganized with new shelving installed.
What I would like to get done this year:
1. Make my closet pretty and optimize the storage I have.
2. Really, really, really organize my craft area. A place for every jump ring and every jump ring in its place.
3. Raised vegetable garden in the back yard.
4. Organize holiday decorations.
5. Organize back closet and desk so that I can wrap a gift or find a vase without cursing and crying.
6. Optimize storage in the laundry room/pantry.
7. Fix cement on path to house.

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