2010 – A New List!

After sitting with my list for the year, I reevaluated. I tried to think about the month of October, which was CRAZY. Lots of work and lots of stress and no time and I thought… would this list work for October? No, no it won’t.

For example, I may really want to be a person who goes regularly to a philosophy of science reading group… but would I have found two Saturdays in October to drive to the plaza, sit for the hour-and-a-half meeting and drive back? If I had 3 spare hours on a Saturday in October, by any stretch of the imagination would I have spent it doing that? No matter how much I wanted to say “yes”, I know the answer is no. Setting myself up for failure. I don’t want to fail.

So a new list… scaling back some things, adding others… being realistic as possible in the excitement of a new year…. I LOVE A NEW YEAR!
And so I came up with a list of resolutions to make me happier, healthier, and more interesting…
1. Complete 676 miles, which is approximately 13 miles per week.
2. Attend 56 group exercise classes.
3. Lose 56 lbs by following a vegan diet.
4. Eat only 56 sweets for the year.
5. Read 56 books.
6. Attend 13 classes.
7. *Complete* 28 homemade crafts. (The key word there is COMPLETE, not almost complete, get bored with the technique and shove in a drawer.)
8. Attend 13 cultural events.
9. Create and maintain a kick-butt, completely organized craft area by completing 28 improvement projects.*
10. Make 56 recipes from The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen.

Hope you will check in eventually for the recounting of the journey of each of those 928 things.
* What does that mean?

  • Big idea board
  • Circle garland by windows
  • New painting above drawer
  • Idea book and magazines deconstructed for ideas
  • Book and process to log completed projects w/ picture, date, given to
  • “Thank you” note station
  • Organized patterns
  • Organized jewelry making stuff
  • Organized soldering stuff
  • Organized scrapbooking and stamping stuff
  • Organized containers for gift giving
  • Organized paints and stencils
  • Organized rulers, scissors, glues
  • Organized fabrics and quilting stuff
  • Get scissors sharpened
  • Organized knitting stuff
  • Organzed embroidery stuff
  • Favorite fine art postcards hung artfully
  • Knitting projects that will not be finished deconstructed
  • Jewelry projects that will not be finished deconstructed
  • Organized pens and pencils and brushes
  • Books organized
  • Printer paper organized
  • Cables organized
  • Wedding books all done
  • Travel scrapbooking all done
  • Pretty box for received correspondence
  • Digital photographs organized

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