10 years ago I was working at the same software company I work at now prepping for Y2K. I rang in the new year in my cubicle by a phone that never rang for the nonevent that Y2K ended up being. And now, in 2009, I can’t believe that was 10 years ago. I perceive little difference between my 25 year old self and my self now, but a lot has happened in those 10 years.

And so when my friend S suggested we do year-in-review CDs again this year (BRILLIANT!), I decided to do mine as a decade in review. I sorted songs by year in my iTunes and picked two of my favorite songs from each year. (It was tough to pick only two.)
Swing – Ani DiFranco
My Oh My – David Gray
Rockin’ The Suburbs – Ben Folds
Life On A Chain – Pete Yorn
Short Skirt / Long Jacket – Cake
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart – Wilco
All In A Day – Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros
Plea From A Cat Named Virtue – The Weakerthans
Wheels – Cake
The Late Greats – Wilco
Things The Grandchildren Should Know – Eels
Dance Music – The Mountain Goats
Hands – The Raconteurs
Black Swan – Thom Yorke
Black Like Me – Spoon
Either Way – Wilco
Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance – Vampire Weekend
There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve Things – A.C. Newman
Put It To The Test – They Might be Giants

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  1. Apparently I need you to teach me to listen to cooler music. I have never heard of any of this. And now I'm wondering what I do listen to…lately Christmas music but what happens December 26th! Hmm?

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