Annual Report

Annual Report!
I haven’t thought about annual reports in a long time. Growing up, my mom worked for not-for-profits exclusively. United Way, MARC, Synergy… and all of those places had annual reports that had to be created.

Briefly in college I followed in her footsteps working at a youth runaway shelter in Des Moines parttime. I was either the “Assistant Development Director” or “Assistant to the Development Director”, depending on my job performance that day and how the Development Director was feeling. Because of my mom’s prominence in the Midwest not-for-profit world, I think I had special status with the Director of the place. But NOT with the Development Director. Some days were good – I got to call corporations and get copies of their giving policies faxed to the office. Other days I got to bookend the receptionist’s smoke breaks by gossiping with him for hours while ostensibly “entering data”. Pretty plum job for a college student’s part time job. But most days I would be sitting on the dirty floor of an unairconditioned / poorly heated not-for-profit office doing some painfully mundane task involving files or hard-copy spreadsheets on gateway drug usage of girls aged 13-15 from 1989, watching the minutes drag by, worrying about whatever test/ paper was the next day, daydreaming of bashing my head into the concrete wall in an attempt to make the day interesting. And for $5/hour. Wow. Oh, so glad I am not 20 again.

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t in marketing departments of big corporations or work for a not-for-profit at all, you probably don’t know the stress/excitement/work associated with an annual report. I saw my mom work hard to get them out on time – crunching the numbers, laying out the pages, finding the graphics. I myself have worked hard to get them out under the dictatorship of my former Director of Development boss.

And they are supposed to convince your shareholders/donors/community leaders that you are worth it.

So I have been thinking of doing an annual report for myself. And the sweet readers of this blog are pretty close to shareholders, right? In corporate speak, many of you are “stakeholders”… which means you care if I live or die (regardless of which one you are voting for).

Well, dear stakeholders, it ain’t looking good. Sure, there are some high points, but there are many low points… but a good analysis is always fun for me because I love self indulgence, and minutia, and graphs, so why not? Right? Well, whatever.

Here are the areas I am going to review:

Books consumed
Physical health
40 before 40 progress

My first part of the report coming soon…


2 thoughts on “Annual Report

  1. I am excited to hear–and jealous, because I can't even remember what I did yesterday. I wish I had the wherewithal to write an annual report…so I'll just enjoy reading yours. 🙂

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