Flat Stanley!

My stepkids are participating in a project at school called Flat Stanley. If you haven’t heard about it before, you can read about it here. It is very cool.

My stepdaughter sent her flat doppelganger to my aunt Betty… who is the coolest. aunt. ever. Betty sent a letter to my stepdaughter from the road, from the flat traveler. Did I mention she is the coolest.aunt.ever.?? I will post pictures as soon as they come our way… and keep you updated on the escapades of the flat traveler.

My first adventure has been to travel to the capital of South Dakota, Pierre. I helped set up for a public meeting about the Missouri River. People at the meeting talked about how they would like the river to be in the future.

The public meeting was held at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo center, where I saw displays about rodeo, including lady trick riders, who do things like standing up on a running horse. I also got to sit in a real saddle in a pink cowboy hat. I thought you’d like that.

We also went to the capital building here in Pierre. We are going to try to do more outside, but it’s really, really windy here, and as you know, that’s not the best thing for me.

I have pictures to send you. We may see some interesting things on the drive home. I hope so! Nine hours is a long time in a car.

I’ll send you notes from time to time about my adventures. I hope that school is going well.


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