One of my favorite classes in college was my honor’s philosophy class on Kierkegaard. We read most of his body of work, there were only five people in the class, and I worked my butt off.

The professor was great… he started the class by telling us that we should try to like what we are reading. Don’t put our hackles up immediately, but assume the author has something. I think these comments might be born out of years of teaching twenty year-olds who thought they knew more than time-tested philosophers. I really took the advice to heart though… to this day I try to like things before I dislike them. I think it is important to keep my awareness of coolness in perspective – in that I am not cool at all.

In that spirit, I am going to admit to loving some things that aren’t “cool”, and some that are… all related to upcoming movies…

1. Michael Jackson. OY!! The snide comments people make about this man. I don’t disagree that he was very weird. But I loved him. He was the music of my early years. In 1984 I was in the audience (with 45,000 other people) at the start of the Victory Tour at Arrowhead Stadium. I went with my friend Alynda and her father, our congressman. It was so exciting I could barely breathe. I get shivers thinking about it. He was magic. He was like nothing anybody had ever seen before. I like Michael Jackson. And I don’t care who knows it. There is going to be some sort of special Michael Jackson concert film showing in theatres soon. And I am going to go to it. He was one of the first things I liked as a tween… and he ain’t no Jonas brother, for sure.

And one more thing, my mama taught me that it isn’t cool to make fun of people who are mentally or physically ill…and I believe after his early success he had touches of both.

2. Fame! I went to the remake all by my lonesome last night. Gawd, I miss the 70s. I went with high hopes because I saw an interview with one of the actresses that the remake of Fame was “gritty”. whatevs. It was fine… much better than High School Musical, I’m sure… although I never really saw that, so I cannot judge. But it wasn’t the original. I saw Fame in the theatre with my parents. My parents didn’t believe in too much censoring, because they are (were?) hippies, and I think I had a richer life because of it. I think the sacchrinization of childhood is not a good thing… and the world is missing the hippie sensibility. I sing the body electric, damnit. The new Fame is fine… I teared up at times… but it ain’t got that thing. I think the next day off I have I am going to rent Fame and A Chorus Line.

3. Matt frickin’ Damon. YUMMY! DH and I are going to The Informant tonight. CAN’T FRICKIN’ WAIT!

4. Sandra Bullock. Love, love, love her. Not so much that I have been tricked into going to some of the movies she has made recently, but I have been very tempted. CAN’T FRICKIN’ WAIT for The Blind Side… which doesn’t open until 11/20. Boo. I saw the preview last night, and cried so much one of my contacts fell out.

5. Where the Wild Things Are. Like many people, Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books as a child (it is actually number 3, after The Little Princess and The Giving Tree). And the movie version of this book looks surreally wonderful, just like the book. Luckily the release of this movie is just a couple weeks away. YAY! Even though the film looks very true to the spirit of the art, and Spike Jonze isn’t a sell-out by any stretch of the imagination, I hope Warner Bros. makes lots of cross-marketing stuffed creatures for me to buy.


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