This weekend, DH and I worked hard. We actually have been working hard for the last few weeks. Last year we made great progress is getting the back yard and front yards past presentable to actually pretty (more on that later) and we have been doing some touch-ups of varying degrees of difficulty. We have 25 items on the to-do list, and as of this point we have completed 11 of the items.

This blog is my brag book, so here goes entry one of our REFAB! projects of this year… our bedroom.

Last year we had a fire in our bedroom. It sucked. We got the floor and wall fixed, but the paint didn’t quite match on the repaired wall… That is problem one.

Problem two. I needed more storage for my craft area. The dresser and three shelves were not enough (I have a lot of craft crap). So I moved my beloved blue metal bookcase from Hold Everything (may that awesome company rest in peace after breaking my heart and closing) from one part of the bedroom to the craft area (which is in another part of the bedroom), thinking it would be easy enough to find a replacement bookcase that I liked as much. FAMOUS. FRICKIN’. LAST. WORDS.

I did not find a replacement book case easily. It took me lots and lots of frustrating time in front of the computer on dozens of sites, repeating this over and over and over again: WAAAA! I MISS HOLD EVERYTHING!! Finally, I found a decent painted white wood shelf that fit in the spot and held the books.

And then this weekend I created a “feature” wall by painting the wall (with the plethora of bookcases of way varied types) a robin egg’s blue – an homage to my blue metal shelf which moved down a few feet.

The bedroom will truly be completed when we are bazillionaires and I can have custom-built bookcases around the windows and an optimized craft area created by a designer who does mid-century designs with a twist of Mary Engelbreit. In short, the room will never be done. But this will keep me happy for a long interim.

1. The blue metal bookcase in the craft area. Isn’t she beautiful? She is tough too… If you look closely you can see her scorch marks from the fire.

2. Our headboard and bookshelves above the bed. My shelf holds all of my travel and language books. DH’s shelf holds some old books about Romans or something, a Dalek and its accompanying remote, a bat, and some minerals . All of his travel and language books require a couple bookshelves, which are downstairs. Oh, and yes, our bed is tiny and we are not. It is very important for marital closeness, or until we can figure out how to fit in a king-sized bed. Then we will cuddle on the couch or something, I guess.

3. The rest of the bookcases (I use the term loosely). One is my great-grandmother’s hope chest, one is a bookcase my dad made my mom when they were dating. One of the things I like about this room is the windows that are just a couple feet up from the floor that look out into the trees in our backyard. In the summer it feels like hanging out in a treehouse. And this home being slightly older, the second-story rooms are air-conditioned about as well as treehouses.

Also note the stacks of books. They are organized, really. One stack for Kierkegaard, one stack for Hannah Arendt, one stack for gardening books, two stacks for art books. This room has all of my books. DH’s books are elsewhere. See, I thought I had a book problem and then I met him. We are cured though, with few exceptions, all of our books come from the library now.

Also note the quilted wall-hanging my mom made me. It is entitled Ginger’s Jars and is just gorgeous. It is next to Bill’s grandmother’s dresser with all of my Ginger Jars on top. I call this room Grandmom Fabulous because of all the beloved cast-offs from the preceding generations.

4. A shot of my desk. Can you tell which thing is the new toy? The monitor I use for my work laptop is handling the feelings of inferiority like a champ.

5. The dogs aren’t very excited about the interior design happenings. (The black-and-white dog is my parents’. Her name is Mattie. And before you call the SPCAA, Annie gets her summer cut on Tuesday.)

Right now this is my favorite room in the house – until I get the bathroom done – I have an EURail shower curtain being shipped to me. SQUEEEE!!!


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