1. Food Fight! We loves it! For whatever reason, I haven’t ever tried mail-order vegan food. If I haven’t been able to get it at one of the grocery stores in KC, I have decided to live without. Well, no more. I am a convert to the Food Fight! grocery store. It is the coolest. They have organized stuff into useful groupings and I got inspired to try all kinds of stuff. Just some of the things from the last shipment that I am excited to try… instant “cheese” mashed potatoes, vegan ranch dressing, and blue “cheese”. Yea, no kidding on the last one. I got some strawberry gelatin-free “jel” dessert and made it yesterday. It was delish.

The best part of my Food Fight! experience was when Dave called me because they didn’t have something I had ordered. He *called* me. We chatted briefly and he substituted something for what I had ordered. No automatic notification that the item was back-ordered and I will get my shipment in three to five years… that’s right, he *called* me. Awesome.

2. I am Mercy for Animals. I first spied this on my frinspiration’s (a new word I have invented for someone who is both a friend *and* an inspiration) blog. One of the very few conspiracy theories I subscribe to is that PETA is a front organization for the meat industry to make people think animal rights activists and vegetarians are loonies. This group seems to be the anti-PETA. This is such a well-written, eye-opening, moving answer to the question “Why vegan?” I am imploring all of my friends and enemies to take four minutes and watch this. It is a beautiful introduction to the ethics of veg*anism. I promise if you watch this, I will listen to anything you are passionate about for four minutes. And I will listen with an open mind and heart.

Some of my favorites from this are the references to the ethical theories of Peter Singer, the diversity of the veg*ans who speak, and the young man who states that he will not compromise his ethics because he is hungry. I often think I need to reread Diet for a New America to remind myself why I don’t consume animal products and inspire me to keep plugging away. But this video encapsulates the inspiration. Please, please, please watch it. Please.

3. Stepmother’s Day. Did you know the Sunday after Mother’s Day is Stepmother’s Day? Neither did I! But the twins and DH knew it and delighted me with lovely gifts and hugs. This weekend I feel like I grew even closer to the twins, all three of us are valuing each other more and more.

Alexandra often says that when she grows up she is going to be a vegetarian. I am guessing she is parroting something that she hears at her other home, that vegetarianism is a good choice she can make for herself when she grows up, but while others are providing the food she needs to eat what is provided. It is that “what is provided” clause that causes me some angst. When I started my adventures in veg*anism, I was pretty adamant that I was going to do everything I can to reduce the negative impact on the environment and lives of animals through my choices. And then I started occasionally paying for food at restaurants that wasn’t vegetarian and food in my fridge that isn’t vegan. I really hate that. But I have to exist in a family, so I compromise. But this weekend the kids agreed to make 2/3 of their meals on the weekends with us vegetarian. And that is a lovely compromise… and a truly lovely Stepmother’s Day present for me.

And I still have every other weekend with them for 10 years to set the example of veganism, so hopefully it will seem like the right choice for them when they grow up

4. Vegan YumYum. This woman is BRILLIANT! I am delighted every time I make a recipe from her web site. This weekend I made Apple Pie Coffee Cake. Um, YUMMMM!

5. Talenti Sorbet. Speaking of vegan sweets, which I totally shouldn’t be… they are carrying this in the new grocery store by my house. Soooooo vegan and soooooo yummmm! And the jars are very, very reusable. I have plans to make little fabric coats for them to store crafting supplies in.


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