The Good, the Stupid, and the Surreal!

I bought pants yesterday and they are a full size smaller than the size of pants I had to buy at the beginning of the year. And they are comfortable. And my waist is now more proportionate to the rest of me – i.e. my new pants don’t look as much like clown pants. My progress is S-L-O-W. But there is a progress. Wait, did you hear that? THERE IS PROGRESS!!!

(And then right on cue, a guy at work brought in 5 boxes of Russel Stovers chocolate to “share”. Grrrrr. My new pants will keep me strong.)

One of the local news channels was filming a segment about the incident of Swine Flu in Platte County and filmed it in front of the new restaurant Iron Horse just down the street from my parents’ store, DESPITE the fact that the restaurant has nothing to do with the source of or person who contracted the flu. Now the restaurant is getting all kinds of calls asking if they could have gotten ill from the restaurant. Grrrr.
I have never eaten at this restaurant, but my parents are fans and I was impressed by the fact that when my dad told the owner/chef I was a vegan, he offered to make a special vegan meal for me when I came to the restaurant. (That is better than the other restaurant my parents frequent where the staff mumble something about salad and potato chips when my dad announces that I am vegan.)

The point of the thing is the Iron Horse guy is putting himself out there as a small businessman, creating jobs when things are really tough. And it is true that I have a huge chip on my shoulder about buying local and independently-owned since my parents’ business depends on it, but I think it is really RUDE for the news channel to put the backdrop of a pandemic-hitting-our-hometown story in front of a small business. If you MUST film in front of a restaurant, why not McDonald’s? (And if you bought a really cool moving dinosaur toy for your nephew from Target, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!)

In my day, hot guys got degrees in business, but the world has changed. This is the conversation that I just eavesdropped in my cubicle, this conversation is surreal when you consider that one of the participants is *really* hot and the other guy wouldn’t be out of place on MTv’s Spring Break:

“SQL databases is better than Oracle.”
“ARE YOU RETARDED?? That is so stupid. Why *would* you say that???”

And then I stopped listening.


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