Today I am 35. I have a whole day to myself at the house. My mom is coming for lunch. Bill is taking me out for dinner and vegan cake. All in all, a frickin’ perfect day.

Here is a list of things I am doing today:

1. Making lunch – including a pear and pecan salad, sourdough baguette, and strawberries with puff pastry. I loves me a girl lunch. I went “raw” there for a bit, so eating carbs is being experienced anew.
2. Listening to Patti Griffin and catching my iPod up.
3. Fighting, fighting, fighting the urge to log in and work. FIGHTING IT!
4. Craft store shopping and scrapbooking, I hope.
5. Finishing the third vampire book.
6. Blogging. 🙂

That is all for now… tomorrow is full of birthday surprise activities ala Bill. I am feeling very lucky and loved today – to have somebody who plans my b-day.

Happy my birthday, everybody!


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