Week 12, "Month" 3 and a request for help!

Hi.. sorry for the lack of writing… hope you rarefied few are still out there… I am about to go into excruciating detail about my progress towards my goals, really only interesting to me and possibly my trainer/cheerleader Mandy… so if you want to get to the request for help, see in blue below.

Friday wrapped up the third “month” of my goal setting, meeting, and tracking. I am still plugging along, getting ahead in some areas and falling behind in others. But I am confident I will hit my goals for this year.

Here is my progress:

1. Complete 750 miles – I have completed 129 miles. Sounds good, right? I think it does. But I am down 21 miles against the goal for the year.
2. Complete 56 classes – I have completed 21 classes. I am down 3 classes against the goal for the year. This month I allowed work to get in the way of completing my classes. I am working on balancing my new job (that I love) with strength training, yoga, and Zumba.
3. Be vegan 365 days – I have been vegan 82 days. I am down 2 against the goal for the year.*
4. Read 12 books – I have read 12 books. I am even with the goal for the year. Granted, some of those books were teenage vampire romances, but whatevs.
5. Hang out with friends 56 times – I have hung out with friends 18 times this year. I am up 6 against the goal for the year.
6. Eat 56 or fewer sweets – I have consumed 15 sweets. I am down 3 against the goal for this year. Well, up, actually, but it is better if the number is low. This is a confusing goal.

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Complete 60 miles.
2. Complete 8 classes.
3. Be vegan 30 days.
4. Read 4 books.
5. Hang out with friends 2 times.
6. Eat 3 or fewer sweets.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Complete 15 miles.
2. Complete 2 classes.
3. Be vegan 7 days.
4. Complete 1 book – My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.
5. Eat 1 or fewer sweets.

*Now the request for help. I lied on this blog about my results. I was not vegan for two days last month. I allowed the lie because it was DH’s birthday and he is GREAT about sharing his life with a vegan – NEVER complaining about soy milk or ersatz chicken. So I always try to make his birthday special for him with any treat he wants, and I got carried away in the “fun” and then explained it away as being a good wife trumping my commitment.

But now I am ‘fessing up, and I am hoping a couple of you will help me out. Would you be willing to sponsor my lost vegan days by being vegan yourself for 24 hours? If you can eschew dairy, eggs, meat, and leather for 1 day, I will count it on my goals. If you are willing, let me know or comment here. For every person who sponsors a day, I will be giving $10 to the Humane Farming Association Suwanna ranch. (up to $100) Thanks 🙂 🙂


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