Favorite: My New Gym!

I am trying to not waste money. Like everybody else, we are belt-tightening – reducing our debt, saying ‘no’ when we can… but this week I splurged on a membership to a gym.

I did it right… I saved until I had enough cash to pay for the whole year, so I didn’t waste money paying monthly. But, here’s the kicker – this is the *second* annual gym membership I bought this week. Yep. Crazy? Yep. BUT my beloved Mandy trains at one gym. And to describe the problems with this gym would be cruel, because it is a community gym and the staff does the best they can with all of the people and needs they need to serve. But I stepped in urine in the locker room after the toddler swimming class this week. And so I’m only going there when I have to. And going to the other gym for all my miles.

Here is why it is worth the money.

1. They open at 5 on weekday mornings and at 7 on weekend mornings… allowing to get my workouts done early enough to get to work before everybody else and enjoy most of my weekend days.

2. There are no teenagers in the locker room screaming “OMG! HE JUST TEXTED ME!”

3. There aren’t any unattended children.

4. It isn’t very busy.

5. Each aerobics machine has ITS OWN TELEVISION and I just plug in my headphones and can watch WHATEVER I WANT. No more fox 4 frickin’ news. So far I have enjoyed episodes of Angel, Wings, and BH 90210. YES!!

6. Parking is super easy…. only 30 seconds from parking to starting my workout.

So, my new gym is one of my favorites. And if I am doing more cardio and enjoying it more, a good use of money.


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