Last Saturday was just absolutely insane!

The twin’s birthday was Monday, but all of the celebrations happened last Saturday. Including a party with their friends at PowerPlay (aka one of the less charming levels of hell) and then a mad dash home to prep the house for a family party. Zoiks, we were tired when it was all over. But we had fun.

Here are some pictures from the celebration at home. I am not posting pictures from the PowerPlay extravaganza. It is just too soon – I still break out into a sweat thinking about it.

Eight balloons for the eight-year olds.

The tablescape – we had mexican food with “dirt and worms” for desert. And this Pier 1 Imports table runner was the perfect find. It said Mexican garden party for celebrating the birthdays of two children of different genders. That is an impressive table runner.

Little birdie vases that DH and the twins got me for Valentine’s day. Sweetest things ever? Yes!

The dirt-and-worms desert. A desert only an eight-year old can love. No, really, almost everybody loved them. And, yes, they are vegan.

Two tired, camera-shy kids at the end of the long day. DH and the twins see nothing wrong with lounging in robes. It is a foreign concept to me. There were no robes at my house growing up. I think the kids look like little adorable nursing home residents to me. I told my dad I expect them to start watching the weather channel and accusing the staff of stealing their stuff.

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