Valentine’s Day 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was in fifth grade, a cub reporter came to our class at Brookside Day School at 51st and Main (rest in peace, BDS) and interviewed us about Valentine’s day. The reporter asked the kid next to me if he was hoping to get a Valentine from anybody special, and he sweetly and shyly pointed to me and said “Her”. And then the camera panned to me and the reporter asked what I thought of that, and, always ready to put on a show, I looked deadpan into the camera and said “That’s gross.” Yep. I suck.

But don’t feel too badly for that little boy – because karma struck me back in a BIG way.

A few short months later I started a new school in unincorporated Platte County – full of kids who had known each other for years and practically spoke a different language. And noone wanted to be my Valentine for many, many, many years. I think the next Valentine I got was my senior year in high school. Yes, sad – but you mess with the karma bull and you get the karma horns. Or something like that.
Most of my life I have dreaded Valentine’s day – I didn’t understand why people who were lucky enough to be paired up got a special holiday to remind us who weren’t paired up how sad it is to be not paired up. All of that seems like a distant memory now that I am ensconsed in a stable, committed relationship. But I was single for a LOOOOONG time – and really single – meaning noone to take me out on Valentine’s day.
But now I love Valentine’s day – not only because I get flowers (because I do dearly love flowers HINT, DH), but because I use Valentine’s day as an excuse for me to tell all of my girlfriends how much I adore them. And I will continue to do so until Hallmark “makes up” a holiday called “Girlfriend Day” or something equally trite.

Last year I started the tradition of sending out Valentine’s cards to my nearest and dearest female friends and family. And this year I took it up a notch. Because, really, Valentine’s day is for the girls. And it makes me smile to think of 30 little packages now flying through the air and riding over roads as they are delivered to my favorite women.

And each of the women in my life are beloved for hundreds of reasons, but here is one reason for each of you. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Oh, and to answer your question before you ask it – they are cherries. You’ll see what I mean.)
AB – For always *really* listening.
AD – For sharing the pain of carob mint chip soycream.
AP – For really relishing life.
BB – For remembering the past with me.
CK – For being my biggest cheerleader.
CN – For welcoming me to the family with such an open heart.
GD – For being delectably smart and sassy.
HT – For being such a good friend you have become family.
IB – For always being willing to dish.
JE – For personifying grace.
JP – For being my veg buddy – and for brining me a donut!
KMa – For always creating spark and energy.
KMe – For your laugh that lights up a room.
KS – For encouraging me at the gym.
LH – For your kind smile.
LJ – For *always* making me laugh!
LS – For being my oldest friend.
MHa – For being the kindest person I know.
MHe – For your unstoppable style.
MHo – For introducing me to Etsy.
MF – For never giving up on me.
MMo – For your dead-on insight.
MMu – For remembering every birthday – and for always sending me a Valentine’s day card!
MO – For always being up for the cultural stuff.
MT – For being the prettiest bookworm ever.
PS – For being the reason I go to class.
SG – For always getting it.
SN – For giving the world sweet DH.
TG – For being my second biggest cheerleader.
WB – For always being willing to talk about dogs.

And I don’t care if anybody thinks it is gross – because, like the little boy from fifth grade taught me, showing your adoration and love is a courageous gift. And one should do it even when the cameras are rolling. Take that, karma!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thank you G for sharing. I like the list.Hope to love the whole world.Wish you a great joyful Valentine’s Day.Cheers!!Chennai flowers|Bangalore flowers|Valentines day gift India

  2. G–You are the best! You are a bright spot in my life, especially today. I really need a pick-me-up and got one in the mail that will bring me joy for many days. And I love the cherries! 🙂

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