I think I might be getting sick. Boooo!!! I have had my share of illness this season – so hopefully this is just a figment – and the fever, headache, exhaustion, and sore throat all will be a distant memory by tomorrow morning.

I had such a good day – finished my Valentine’s cards, got my mom’s birthday present all done, and was going to blog my little heart out to wrap up the day.

But now I think I am going to go cuddle with Annie and go to bed. But, if I were feeling better, here is what I would blog about, so later this week you will be subjected to these topics:

1. Assignment from my trainer – my favorite 10 things about myself.
2. Why The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell is such a great book.
3. Guest blog entry for 52 donuts about the awesome donut that J brought back for me from LA.
4. Follow-up to my Insult blog entry – the last 5 digs my coworker got in before I left my current job – one per day, practically.
5. New blogesiode of People at the Gym! – this time – “Angela” – as in the one from The Office.

All of this will have to wait a few hours or days until I feel better. Wish me luck.



One thought on “Noooooooooooo!!

  1. Crazy as it sounds, vicks on the sole of your feet, then socks, then head to bed…it has worked 50% of the time for me this year and I’m willing to tolerate the slight ickiness of vicks on my feet to avoid a cold. Hope you are better quick!

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