Week Six!

Hello, blog. Good-bye, Week 6. The weeks seem to be flying by. I can’t believe I am already through Week 2 of the second “month”. I am glad to see this week come and go – closer to saying good-bye to my old job and starting to say hello to my new job.

My results were pretty good this week… here we go…

1. Complete 2 classes. – check – I went to two strength training classes.
2. Complete 16 miles. – check – I sure did.

And this is my revelation for this week – the miles don’t do themselves. You have to earn every single one. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels horrible. This week was a special challenge because the gym was SO BUSY. One evening I went to the gym – didn’t get there until 6:30, was dead tired from HARD day at work, and ALL of the machines were taken – I so almost gave in, turned around, and went home. But I stayed strong. I had to get the miles in if I wanted to meet this week’s goal – it was now or never. So I changed in the stinky locker room full of screaming high school girls and hit the road. I jogged around the pitiful inside track until one of the treadmills opened up – and I did it. It was one of those rare times I felt the high of exercising. Midway through the workout on the treadmill a great song came on by shuffle (This Year by The Mountain Goats) and I started thinking about how awesome it is going to be to hit all of my goals, how many people are going to be proud of me, how amazing I am going to feel about myself. And I ran.

And soon it will be warm enough to workout outside any time I want to. Yay!!

3. Vegan 7 days. – check
4. 1 sweet – check – actually I didn’t eat any – I didn’t take possession of my donut until this morning. And it was GOOD!
5. Hang out with friends at least once – check – I hung out with the knitting girls at the sublime Café Seed.
6. Finish 1/2 of The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar and finish The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell. – no, no check – I finished the Sarah Vowell book, though.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Complete 16 miles.
2. Complete three classes.
3. Vegan 7 days.
4. Only 1 Sweet.
5. Hang out with friends at least once.
6. Finish Bitter is the New Black.

Here goes…


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