Week Five!

This week’s goal report is a sad, sad, sad state of affairs. And I hate to place blame, but I am looking at you, FACEBOOK!  A few weeks ago I innocently wandered into the cubeplex of my quel adorable friends Renee and Kate. And they started talking about this Facebook beast – and how it was the most addictive thing ever. And how they had found people they haven’t talked to in years. And how I should definitely, the minute I get home, sign-up for Facebook and find all of my long lost friends.

Not to question the soundness of their reccomendation, but in my mind I was like “whatevs, ok, we’ll see.” A few nights later I did log into Facebook and started playing around and found some people – including a beloved friend from gradeschool who never facebooked me back :(. While it was enjoyable, I wasn’t addicted. Plus, I already twitter, yahoo, tivo, blog, text, google, kurpoople, flibbitz, and rooshenate – how was I going to have time to add another fake noun-verb into my busy 21st-century life?

So I forgot about it. And then the friend requests started trickling in. AND WOW! I was star-struck with all the people I know and once knew now gracing my laptop screen. Joy! Joy! Joy! And then this week it became a full-blown addiction. “Just 10 more minutes,” I tell myself over and over and over and over again. And then I go to bed too late and spend time Facebooking instead of doing anything else. I haven’t gotten any reading done, and *three*mornings this week I was too tired to wake up and go to the gym early, because I had stayed up WAY past my bedtime.


So, pitiful excuses aside, here are the results for this week:

1. Complete 3 classes – No – only two classes. I missed one class because of stoopid work. But I could have made it up by doing a yoga DVD at home one evening.

2. Complete 13 miles. – No – I got only 4 miles done.

3. Vegan 7 days. – Check

4. 1 sweet (or none). – No, 2 sweets – I resisted a bazillion sweets at work (you can tell everybody is done with their New Year’s resolutions), but I had two pieces of cake at home.

5. Hang out with friends at least once. – check – DH and I had dinner with Aunt Chetty and Uncle Barlie at McCoy’s.  Mmmmmm… roasted red pepper hummus and a BIG beer.

6. Finish 1/3 of The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar and 1/2 of The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell – No – I finished a handful of pages in the Thrity Umrigar book and 1/2 of the Wordy Shipmates – which is an AWESOME book, btw.

Only 2 out of 6 – I miss you, Etsy.

So I must reconcile the place that Facebook has in my life.  Surely it can’t be *that* hard – right?  Here is the funny thing – despite all that, I lost 2.8 pounds! Maybe Facebook is a miracle diet cure?  Alas, no, I am pretty sure it is the fact that I have been concentrating on making better choices on what I eat.

Here are my goals for next week:

1. Complete 2 classes.

2. Complete 16 miles.

3. Vegan 7 days.

4. 1 sweet – I will completely abstain another week, because J is bringing me a vegan donut back from Ellen DeGeneres’s favorite donut shop in LA – how cool is that? Pretty damn cool – that’s how cool.

5. Hang out with friends at least once.

6. Finish 1/2 of The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar and finish The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell.


2 thoughts on “Week Five!

  1. Could you please divulge just how that Facebook diet works? I, too, spent more time there than I should but the scale won’t budge. What’s the secret?!?

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