Busy Sunday!

Our blendered family had a wonderful day staying inside on Sunday. We all had to run around and do stuff on Saturday, so Sunday we hunkered down in the house and played. (Except for DH who had to go to the grocery store to get supplies for our mini-hibernation.)
Here is what we did:

1. Played with science stuff. Being the ogres that we are, we asked the kids to not bring their video games to our house over the weekend. We are not fans of the video game playing in lieu of bugging us constantly. (We aren’t that bright.)

So left in a video-gameless world, the kids resorted to digging out there many science toys. Alexandra did a mummy dig, which came with cool goggles and other junior archaeological stuff.  And then both the twins made soda pop from a kit. It was delicious. Really. Ok, not really. But it was good experience in lab technique (Ian’s wasn’t that good – he kept licking his spoon!) and recording formulas. And we all were rightly horrified at how much sugar goes into soda – luckily they were doing little sippy cup batches.
2. DH and I made “chicken” noodle “casserole”:  http://veganated.blogspot.com/2009/01/chicken-noodle-casserole.html
3. I got 1/3 of my valumtime’s cards done.  I can’t wait to send them out!!  🙂 🙂
4. I made a DELICIOUS chocolate bundt cake. Seriously one of the best vegan recipes I have ever tried: http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2007/12/chocolate-orange-cake.html
5. We watched some Mythbusters. We *didn’t* watch Mama Mia! again, although the twins and I probably would have liked to. We are pretty much addicted to that movie. And there is nothing more adorable than those kids singing Dancing Queen.
6. I made 1/3 of 1/3 of the manly scarves I am making for DH to wear with his many corduroy blazers next fall.
Ahhhh…. Sundays… even more idyllic-seeming on a Tuesday.

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