Week 4, "Month" 1!

I am done with week four and the first month of reaching (and tracking) my goals. Since when does a month end on the 24th? Well, I started this new thing, whatever it is, on 12/27. and I am considering a month four weeks. Just like those charming folks who issued the first life insurance policy (from http://www.ahealedplanet.net/other.htm):

The first life insurance policy on record was written in London on June 18, 1536, a one-year policy on the life of William Gybbons. Gybbons died on May 29, 1537, run over by a hit-and-run bullock cart. In a telling beginning to the industry and a comment on insurance in general, the company refused to pay the widow and children of Gybbons, insisting that a year consisted of twelve months of four weeks each, making Gybbons’ unfortunate death a few days outside of the policy period.

Classy, huh? Anyway, first to report on last week’s results:

1. Complete two classes – Check
I actually completed three – two strength training classes and one Zumba.
2. Clomplete 19 miles – ‘oly crap, yes, CHECK!

This is the most mileage in a week I think I have ever done. I am really proud of myself, but I am not going to let it happen again where I have to finish a bunch of mileage in the last week of a “month”.

3. Vegan seven days – Check

I feel like I can almost quit counting this one – it is back to being second nature. I no longer dream of cheese.

4. Only one sweet – Check

Some wonderful vegan tirimisu pudding stuff. Yum.
5. Hang out with friends – Check
I wasn’t worrying about meeting this goal this week, but did anyway – I have become an unapologetic social butterfly. Flutter, flutter. I hung out with friends FOUR times this week.
6. Finish Wild Ducks Flying Backwards by Tom Robbins – Check
I am divided on this book. Tom Robbins is masterful with the English language – he makes that elusive metaphor his bitch. And speaking of misogyny, I can’t help but thinking his writing has it in spades, just dressed up in hippie clothes and flashing the peace sign. Hence, the division of my feelings – but I finished it.

And here is where I stand on my goals for the “month”:

1. Complete 8 classes – check
I actually completed 9 – 2 yoga, 2 Zumba, 5 strength training. And now my butt is constantly saying to me, “No, SERIOUSLY – F YOU!”
2. Complete 48 miles – check
Some inspiring, most of them mundane. I am slowly, but most surely, increasing my speed and stamina.
3. Vegan 28 days – check
4. 4 or less sweets – check
5. Hang out with friends 4 times – check
Actually, 8. I shattered this goal – And it really has made me happier – hanging out with people who make me laugh, make me admire them, make me think and talk about things other than work and working out.
6. Complete 4 books – check
But I really only liked 1. I am going to try to read *good* books this next month.


Which brings us to the goals for next month – they should look pretty similar.

1. Complete 8 classes.
2. Complete 52 miles
I am adding a mile a week to last month’s goal of 12 miles per week.
3. Vegan 28 days.
I still am not losing weight very well – same weight for the last 2 weeks – so I am going to pair this goal with calorie counting starting next month if the scale number still isn’t moving. Don’t worry though, I’m cool – NOT STRESSING OUT ABOUT NOT LOSING WEIGHT. Count to ten…
4. 4 or less sweets.
hehe – if you look at that wrong it could read “44 or less sweets” – in 28 days? yea, no problem!!
5. Hang out with friends 4 times.
6. Complete 4 books.

And so the goals for this week:

1. Complete 3 classes
Zumba and two strength training classes.
2. Complete 13 miles.
3. Vegan 7 days.
4. 1 sweet (or none).
5. Hang out with friends at least once.
6. Finish 1/3 of The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar and 1/2 of The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

I hit my goals for the week – so something from Etsy this way comes. AND I hit my goals for the month, so $100 in the savings account for my new wardrobe that is 53.4 lbs away.


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